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Early Flowering Plants

2016/8/6 11:19:22


The sight of crocus, tulips, daffodils and hyacinths bring the promise of spring. These bulbs are popular and provide a splash of early color after a long winter. To add more interest to an early spring garden, consider including the following alternative plants.

Netted Iris

Netted iris is a low-growing variety of iris that produces violet-purple flowers. The bloom period ranges from January to March.


These white, bell-shaped flowers are often seen poking through the snow as early as January.

Glory of the Snow

These hardy bulbs produce star-shaped blooms of vivid blue, pink and white in February and March.


The white, purple and maroon blossoms of the pasqueflower flourish in the shade and are often found beneath deciduous trees well before the leaves emerge.


Candytuft is a low-growing perennial. White blossoms blanket the foliage mounds for a few weeks in early spring.

Winter Aconite

These flowering plants are buttercup shaped and produce yellow blooms with a light, honey fragrance. The flowers can make their appearance as early as January.

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