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What do Different Flowers Symbolize?

2016/8/8 16:20:24
Each flower has a color, a fragrance, and a personality of its own. Red roses symbolize love and whites symbolize innocence. Different flowers symbolize different emotions. For more on this, read on.

"Every flower is a soul blossoming in Nature"—Gerard De Nerval

Flowers are one of the most beautiful creations of nature. Their colors attract one and all. Their breezing fragrance refreshes every being. Blossoms enchant every soul, be it a butterfly, or a human being! Flowers personify beauty and positivity. Many of us know that these beauties carry their own meaning. Different flowers symbolize different sentiments. They have a language of their own. Every shade and every scent has something to say. Let's listen.

Legendary meanings of flowers can be traced back to the Elizabethan era. Victorians were the ones to associate meaning to flowers and regard them to be symbolizing feelings. Since then, flowers have become an easy medium of expressing oneself. Flowers are an integral part of every occasion; be it happy or sad.

Apple blossoms indicate there are better things coming up. Asters stand for variety. In China, they are symbols of faithfulness. Heliotropes and Ivies also symbolize faithfulness, as do the Veronica and the Violet. Blue bells symbolize humility, Cyclamen symbolizes modesty while Hydrangea symbolizes ego. Bay Leaf stands for strength, Borage for courage, and Basil or Bells of Ireland are used to wish good luck.

Carnations native to the Near East, symbolize bonds of affection and love, health and energy. The light red ones stand for admiration and the dark red ones denote deep love. Striped carnations signify a regret that love cannot be shared. Purple carnations symbolize untrustworthiness. Green colored carnations are associated with St. Patrick's Day. The pink ones stand for a mother's eternal love.

Daffodils symbolize regard. Lavender Heather stands for admiration. Red chrysanthemums represent love and the white ones symbolize the truth. On the other hand, sunflowers symbolize infatuation. Orchids have a historic association with greediness and lust. A pink orchid symbolizes pure affection. Acacia stands for secret love, Ambrosia for love returned, Anemone for unfading love, and Gladiolus for love at first sight. See how different flowers symbolize the different shades of love!

Flowers like the Buttercup, Coreopsis, and Jasmine symbolize cheerfulness. Snowdrops and Iris symbolize hope. Sweet pea stands for delicate pleasures and Hibiscus for delicate beauty. Hyacinth and Japonica stand for loveliness.

The Lily of the Valley presages the arrival of happiness. Lilies epitomize majesty. Thistle, a thorny plant, which is the national symbol of Scotland, stands for both the evil and protection. Christians believe it to symbolize the sufferings of Christ. Juniper also signifies protection. Hyssop is believed to ward away all evils.

Magnolia symbolizes perseverance, Maidenhair, prudence, and Mimosa, sensitivity. Rosemary represents remembrance. Poppies are symbols of consolations in times of death. In some countries, red poppies are worn in memory of soldiers who have lost their lives during wars.

Daisies are symbols of the innocence of a child. Red daisies are symbols of unknown beauty. To dream of daisies during spring was supposed to be a good omen. To transplant wild daisies to cultivated gardens was believed to invite misfortune.

When it comes to Roses, it is literally every color symbolizing a different emotion. Red roses evince love. The yellow ones stand for friendship. A dark pink rose is a symbol of appreciation whereas a light pink rose symbolizes admiration and sympathy. Coral roses represent desire and orange ones indicate fascination. Purple ones indicate love at first sight! A white colored rose signifies innocence and humility and a peach rose represents modesty.

We gift each other bouquets of flowers and express our feelings on the respective occasions. Red and yellow roses blended in a bouquet symbolize joy. When red or yellow roses are bunched with white ones, they represent harmony. Getting a bunch of withered flowers indicates rejected love. On similar lines, tulips of various colors are combined to express different tints of emotions. Orange and yellow tulips put together entail passionate thoughts. Red tulips blended with yellow ones say "Congratulations".

We relate different flowers to different moods and flowers acquire meanings. We tend to link flowers to certain feelings thus giving every flower a personality of its own.

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