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Getting seeds from flowers

I've been growing vegetables from heirloom seeds from my grandparents for years with great results and I love it! However, this year, my friend gave me some flower seeds, which I planted and got beautiful flowers, from *her* heirloom seeds, but I don't know anything about gathering seed from flowers (feeling rather ignorant) and was wondering if you could guide me to some web pages or information you may have as to where to find the seeds and how to collect them. Any assistance you could give would be greatly appreciated. The flowers I have are: marigolds, verbena, dahlias, begonias, danthius, nicotianas, and zinnias.  I would also like to know if you could tell me anything about propogating roses. I think you for you time and attention. Bless you for what you do here.

Hi Celia,
Thanx for your question and your kind words.  Here are a couple sites I hope you find helpful.





I hope this helps.

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