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Daisy Flower Facts

Daisies are simple yet sophisticated flowers, and are commonly found around us. Scroll down to know some facts and trivia about daisy flowers.

Normally, all of us have a flower which we are very particularly fond of. There can be different reasons for the same. Some of us identify with the characteristics of the flower, hence it becomes our favorite. To others, it can be about colors, its beauty, etc. Daisies are very popular among a huge cross section of people.

Although in the recent years, the sale of flowers is depleting, the sale of daisies is on the rise. This can be attributed to the fact that these flowers are simple and elegant, and they bring beauty to any garden. At the same time, daisies also convey cheer and exuberance in spades. Hence, they have also become popular as gifts. There are many interesting facts about these flowers that have caught our attention.

Where Do Daisies Get their Name

The word 'daisy' has an Anglo Saxon origin. It came from the Anglo Saxon words daes eage. The literal meaning of these words is 'day's eye'. It was so-called as the daisies open at dawn at the time when the day is about to begin.

  1. The beauty of daisies lies in the fact that no negative meaning is attached to the flower. It represents purity and innocence.
  2. Devoid of any sin or guilt, daisies are said to be the perfect symbol of innocence.
  3. Very often daisies are used when a person wants to confess his/her undying love. Although this art of using the daisies to confess love is old; it the daisies that capture the language of love the best with its elegant silence.
  4. Previously, a daisy from a maiden was seen as an honorable gesture as well as an act of affection.
  5. Daisies capture the purity of mind, heart, and soul much better than any other flower. Hence, the daisies are also said to be the ultimate symbol of inner sanctity.
  6. Daisies denotes a wrapped up secret and also hint at keeping it hidden. Hence, it can be said that it symbolizes truth as well.
  7. It may, however, stand for concealed truth, or truth that is far away from everyone's eyes.
  8. When a daisy is given in public to another person, it stands for transfer of secret from the giver to the receiver.
  1. Commonly, a daisy has a yellow center and is surrounded by white petals. However, it can have petals of other colors, such as pink or rose as well.
  2. Daisies are actually not one flower only. They are made up of two flowers, namely disk florets and petal-like white ray florets. It is the arrangement of this florets which gives it an appearance of a single flower.
  3. The plant is a perennial plant which has evergreen leaves that form a basal tuft.
  4. The plant grows in prostate fashion.
  5. Daisies can be propagated either by division in spring or by sowing seeds either in spring or late autumn.
  6. Daisy leaves are edible, hence are often used in salads.
Even if you do not have a garden, you should not be disappointed. You can make your own flower garden by sowing daisy seeds in flowerbeds or pots so that they greet you at the crack of dawn when you are about to start your day.

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