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Night-blooming cactus

QuestionI have a night-blooming cactus (Cereus sp.) which was given to me. It usually blooms after 10pm on Aug 7 with a gorgeous white 6-8 inch flower. The growth pattern of the plant seems to be that it

yucca & bleeding heart

QuestionIs the top to be cut off the yucca after it blooms? Also, can a bleeding heart be moved & when? Thank you Zone 5 AnswerI presume you mean the scape that the flowers were on? By all m

seed gathering

Questiondo you know anything about seed collecting from plants around the house and in the wild i want to start my plants over and collect knew ones from scratch with out having to go by them want to try to mix plan

rare, beautiful flower

QuestionCould you please tell me what the rarest, most beautiful flower is. Thankyou. AnswerThere is no objective answer to this question. People have different tastes. In North America, Yellow Ladyslip

Wildflower planting...

QuestionHello! In the spring Im going to plant wildflowers on a hill in the front of my house, right now the hill is all grass. Question: Should I kill the grass first with Round-up spray or should I roto-till the

Indoor flowers

QuestionHi! I have started growing flowers from seeds indoors with the help of a growlight. Do you have any suggestions on flowers that tend to do well indoors and with grow lights? Right now the only flowers that I

Identifying a wildflower name

QuestionHello Sandy: I live in South Jersey, and my great aunt( she is 97) tells about hunting for a native flower here called arhustus when she was a little girl. SHe said they also called them may flo

When do most flowers bloom in UK

QuestionHi Fredricka, I am planning a trip to England, Scotland and Ireland either this year or next year. (I live in Mississippi (USA)). I would like to go when most of the flowers are in bloom.

How do I make a cutting of a Lilac Bush,and How do you and when do you prune Forsythias and Wysterias?

QuestionDear Viktoria,How do I make a cutting of a Lilac Bush,and when and how do you prune Forsythias and Wysterias? Thank You:-). AnswerAlthough this does not fall in the area of Wildflowers, I will try to help y

native plants

Questionhi again.. I was wondering if you know of any hearty native plants or wilflowers. The area i am using is in front of a school and the soil is somewhat dry and there is plenty of sunl


QuestionDear Viktoria, Could you please tell me if there are any plants/flowers that contain the word angel(s) in their name - and if they are available in Britain. Sorry to bother you with such a trivial question

siamese cosmos?

QuestionI have these wildflowers that come up every year. I think they are Cosmos (bright yellow). On one of my plants I noticed two separate siamese buds. I dont know what else to call them. Its a single stem with

Mosquito Repellant Plants

QuestionHello - We live in Mobile Alabama (Zone 8) and are plagued with mosquitos. What plants should we have in our yard that will help repell them? Thank you for your help. AnswerHello Sorry for the delay in rep

Meanings of different flowers

QuestionI am trying to make an impression on a great girl and I want to do something different. I wonder if you could offer something different than red roses to give her as a surprise and meaningful gift. Do you ha


QuestionHi Can roses be grown from rosehips? I have had a epidemic of fleabeatles on my hollyhocks for several years. I have used many products - none have worked. In fact, the beatles are worse than ever th

hydrangea color

QuestionHi Sandy - I have a hydrangea plant that is about 2 years old. The flowers are a light pink though I bought it to be a purple or blue color. I was told to add acid, which I did. I added Mir


Question I have a wildflower area in pretty much full sun. What is the best kind of mulch to conserve moisture but still let the wildflowers seed out? I live in region 5 AnswerMother Nature generall


QuestionDear Viktoria, How can I identify a beautiful flower that I have just photographed on the river bank? We cannot identify it from any of our reference books in our possession. We could


QuestionWhat is the true definition of a weed? Is it a clasification of a type of plant or can anything that is deemed to be unwanted be called a weed? AnswerAny plant which is growing where it is not wanted could

California Poppies

QuestionDo you know what I am to do with California Poppies when they have just about stopped blooming? They are very unsightly at this point, but do want to have seeds develop for next year as they did last year bu

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