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What vine to plant?

QuestionI have just had my wall raised so its now 6ft high, and I would love to grow vines up it, without risking runaway growth, however. What vine would you recommend for zone 9 (I live in Los Angeles), that woul

How to make a night-flowering Jasmine flower

QuestionHi. Im an allexperts expert on science for kids, but this one has stumped me for 5 years now. I also live in zone 7, at 8200 feet in colorado (latitude 40 deg N). I garden indoors, and have a 10 ft x 3 ft x

vine coverage

QuestionGreetings, I am planning to plant creeping vines on a trellis. The area is only about 8 feet long and approximately 9 feet tall. After much research, I have my heart set on any of the following-


QuestionHi, I have lots of periwinkle growing in my front flower beds (facing south) and they need to be cut back as they are growing into some of the hedges in the same flower bed. Please confirm the best wa

want sthing

QuestionBoise, Idaho. ZONE: unsure I asked this question previously of one the experts, and below is the reply. What is the possibility of any plant life at all living in the situation i have described below


QuestionWe have 12 year old honeysuckle vines growing at the bottom of a hillside in our backyard. They have intertwined with acacia shrubs(yellow flowers)which are ABOVE the honeysuckle. We have been tempted to rem


QuestionHi - I just planted my new 4 ft Bouganvilla (hot pink flowers, yellow and green leaves) in Jacksonville FL. I think Ive already made a huge mistake - I man-handled the root ball. My question is about

Coral honeysuckle-care

QuestionGood morning, I have a large coral honeysuckle thats about 6 years old. I live in eastern Pennsylvania. For the past 5 years its been flourishing, but this year- all of the branches, except for a hand

Delayed Growth of Polygonum Vines

QuestionHi Vito I live in Toronto, Ontario where weve had a cold, wet spring following a long, bitter winter. I planted Polygonum vines three years ago to cover my large pergola. In prior years, the vines gr

Passion flower not flowering in 2ndyear

QuestionHi vito, I live in Hong Kong in a small apartment. I have this passion flower plant in a pot in my window box which i bought last year. It flowered a lot last year but this year its not beraing any flowers

Growing Vines in containers

QuestionHello - I would like to know if its possible to successfully grow a vine that I want to train through a fence in a large (12 in. diameter)pot. I have a landscape challenge whereby I cant plant vines i

Scuppernong vines

QuestionI have two vines which spread about 40 feet on my chain link fence. But all kinds of weeds and junk bushes grow along the fence too. I would like to use an herbicide on the plants but Im afraid of killing th

Removing vines

QuestionI have 2 or 3 different kinds of vines invading over a wood and wire fence that separates my lawn from a wooded section of my (newly purchased) property. People have told me the vines are honeysuckle,

requesting a selection & what to do about controlling vincas

Questionhello, I have a 2 part question. 1. how do i control vincas? my neighbor has a vinca plant growing in his side yard and its creeping into my yard (underground??) i cant seem to eradicate it so i wanted to c

greenbrier smilax

QuestionI am having a fight w/greenbrier smilax in my yard. I am curious about how you would recommend getting rid of it, or at least the best way of controlling it. It creeps through my azaleas, wisteria, and throu

jackmanii clematis in zone 6a

QuestionI planted jackmanii last season, but am now realizing that I know very little (next to nothing) about caring, pruning, etc for these gorgeous vines! Can you please just give me the general info? Things such

growing jasmine in my garden

Questioni live in slovenia on the south-east slope of a hill & would like to grow jasmine to climb to the front balcony. winter is cold, 2 months of snow on the ground with temperatures dropping to-18c but generally

English ivy horticulture

QuestionDuring this past winter deer have stripped the leaves from my English ivy groundcover with the result being long leafless vines. What action should I take to refurbish, etc. the vines? Your advice will be ap

Grape (Scuppernong) vines and weeds

QuestionHi, I have a couple of scuppernong vines running along the fence. Underneath I have mulched with leaves. But of course weeds have found a home along the fence in the mulch too. Dollar weed

Vine diseases

QuestionQUESTION: I have begun pruning my grape vine and several branches are bleeding. Should I be concerned? ANSWER: Good day, Steven! Congratulations on having a grape vine. You did not say what variety, b

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