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Big Mature Tree

2016/8/3 18:18:37

Hi, Laura--
I asked you a question previously and you gave such a good answer that I came back for more. I looked for a "tree" person, but they were all on vacation. Here goes...
My neighbor has a HUGE pin oak in her yard close to our property line. Curiously, my concrete patio is buckling, and so is her driveway. My theory is that the tree roots are causing the problems.
Before the tree buckles MY driveway and/or MY foundation, is there anything that can be done to BOTH save the tree and save the structures?
Or, do I have to fight the tree to save my investment?

Thanks much! David, from Oregon.

Good Lord! What a huge problem!Trees that are not planted in the proper space can cause a huge headache and an even bigger expense. I harp on this over and over to every one of my customers and anyone within earshot.This is really a problem that should have been foreseen,but since that's not doing you any good,I don't know what to tell you,except...GET RID OF THE TREE! Get an expert tree cutting business that's been in the biz for a while and has a good reputation around town.They will give you a cost and maybe you and your neighbor can share the expense,which by the way,will not be small.Not only will they have to cut it down,but they will have to bring in big machinery to dig up the roots and that of course will lead to another driveway being put in and whatever damage to your foundation.Wow.Such bad news you probably won't write me again!HA!Sorry.I tell it like it is.

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