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QuestionHi there, I recently purchased a phalaenopsis orchid. I was told that the current flowers would last a few months and then wilt and fall off, and when they did so that I should cut just under the first node.

Cattleya Blooms

QuestionHi, Ive noticed that some of my Cattleyas that normally produce blooms in sheaths occasionally produce blooms directly from the leaf axil. Do you know what causes this? Thanking you in advance

new phaleanopsis orchid

QuestionI just received a beautiful pink phaleanopsis orchid as a gift and have no clue how to take care of it. Ive only been growing houseplants for a few years, but have always kept it to the simple varietie


Questionwhat are the different methods of vanilla flower pollination AnswerThe following technique was in use years ago when the vanilla orchid was the only source of vanilla extract. At that time, vanilla orchid p

Oncidium orchids not blooming

QuestionI have had two oncidiums (red fantasy & sweet sugar) for 2 years and the plants had many blooms when I purchased them. Although they seem to receive adequate light and moisture and look healthy, I am s

phalaenopsis droopy leathery leaves

QuestionHello, I have four phals. One plant is in a 6 pot, the other three are in 4 pots. All are potted in bark. One of the four appears to be doing very well. The other three are not doing

Oncidium with rotten roots

QuestionHi Jim, This is my first orchid and I was painfully ignorant when I bought it. Ive had it for 2 weeks and I have it in my bedroom with 50-60 % humidity, at about 75 degrees in a southwest facing window. Whe

What 2 do when orchids bloom fades

QuestionI have a small orchid plant, not sure what kind, the blossoms are small, white, with a yellow center (I bought it at a grocery store). Ive had the plant for about 8 weeks now, and the blooms are starting to

apple trees

QuestionI have just moved to central florida between Tampa and Orlando. The soil is mostly sand. Is it possible to grow an apple tree? AnswerHello Lori, Im not very knowledgeable about fruit trees but Ill g

keeping orchids alive

Questionive been maintaining care for my orchids as instructed by the plant information that comes with each new pot. but the orchids in my care keep dying, dying, dying. ive been watering them once a we

healthy leaves, no flowers

QuestionThank you for your assurance, Jim. It sounds like it may still be okay even though the spike is yellow. I live in PA and I originally kept the flower by the south east window, but moved it to the

orchid pots

QuestionIve had several phalaenopsis orchids which bloomed and grew profusely until I had to repot them. They still grow pretty well but dont bloom at all. Ive tried different potting mediums and wonder if its the p

I have a large cymbidium for...

QuestionI have a large cymbidium for about 2 years. It was in full bloom when I bought it but it has never rebloomed. I keep it outside all summer and it looks very healthy. How can I get it to blo

oncidium maintenance

Questionwe live in connecticut and have been having good luck with our phalaenopsis plants but not so hot with our oncidiums. We have them in a west exposure in a small room. I recieved them as a g

Oncidium plant

Question------------------------- Followup To Question - My big oncidium has two long new spikes - going to bloom for the second time even tho the plant is 5+ years old. The ends of the leaves get rusted. &

I am attempting to reply to...

QuestionI am attempting to reply to your last answer to me. I live in El Segundo, CA (next to LAX) about 1 1/2 miles from the beach. Basically cool breezes and some fog and haze, especially the whole month of June.

Carburator related

QuestionI was told that the fuel filter in my carburator needed to be changed?! Where would I find such creature? I have already looked on the diapham side and the screen side but I could not find the fuel filter. P

Orchid Name

QuestionI purchased a orchid back in July from a place up in Indiana where we were visiting. This orchid has a beautiful bloom on it but no name. It is I believe also called a slipper orchid. Could you tell me the

Job for Retirement Years?

QuestionAlways fond of flowers, Ive recently discovered that I love orchids and am growing a couple in my home. Thinking of retiring from the rat race is about 5-7 years and moving south to the Carolinas. &nbs

Orchid Flower Wiltering Fast

QuestionHi, I just bought a Phal Violacea 3 days ago and the flower is wiltering fast. The petals are closing up. I spray it with Captan solution when I bought it as it was wet. It is mounted on a

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