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Can I bring my peace lilly back to life?

2016/8/3 16:41:41

I have a peace lilly that came from my husband's father's funeral. I have had it almost two years and for the last year and a half it has looked sad. When I moved from my old house to my new house the leaves drooped and have never perked up. It produces new leaves all the time but they are always droopy and it has never produced a lilly. what can I do to perk this plant up?


Droopy peace lillies are usually getting too much water. They cannot stand to sit with a drain tray of water. You should empty the drain tray 1 hour after watering it. Allow the plant to get very dry and very light weight before you water it again then only give it a cup or so
of water. I water mine every 2 weeks during the winter and weekly during the summer. A peace lilly's roots need a breathing spell between waterings. They frequently have a hard time using up the water before it is watered again and this plant has to have a few days of dryness before
being waterd again or the roots rot. Allow it to dry out more and there is a chance that the plant will perk up. Good luck.


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