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Ficus fungus...

QuestionHello. I let my ficus tree (weeping fig) summer outside (with all my other house plants) and it does VERY well. I left it out a day or two too long this year and it caught a chill and lost lots

spathyphyllums that wilt quickly

QuestionWe are having a time keeping these plants in our church auditorium from wilting or dying. The auditorum gets to about 50 during the week and is heated several times during the week to 70 degrees. They seem t

no flowers

QuestionI have a Queens Tears(billbergia zebrina)houseplant.It is about 5 years old and in about a half-gallon container.It gets a little less than filtered sunlight.I had been giving it Miracle_Grow occasionally in

growing Sweet Potato as a houseplant

QuestionI live in Texas in the United States and my question is what is the proper way to root a sweet potato in water?I have been searching and one thing says to put the glass of water in a dark cool place, and the

Sweet Potato houseplant

QuestionI live in central Texas and I am trying to sprout a grocery store sweet potato,I had two left from Christmas that were stored in the fridge.I put them in water and I noticed a couple of days later,that there


Question1.) I recd an offshoot African violet ago and it has since had its own offshoot, which I repotted. Both plants are healthy and growing but have never bloomed. The original plant I got offshoot fr

broken plant

Question------------------------- Followup To Question - I have a bamboo, that i am very fond of. Recently it got snapped in half. In the 2 years i have had it, it has only been in water but i am wondering what i

Care for a Dracanea

QuestionHi Will Please can you give me some advice about keeping a Dracanea plant? I bought the plant from a garden centre about a 9 months ago, but over the last couple of months many of the leaves have tur

well i have to do a science...

Questionwell i have to do a science fair project. my reaserch ? is,does the amount of water affect plants growth? im askin because i have to see what other people think the answer will be to this project. Ans

drooped Jade

QuestionHey Vito! I have a 18 tall Crassula (Jade) that some of its trunks have drooped over to the side. Is it because it is too top heavy with leaves? It is healthy and growing and the trunks are

drooping Crassula

QuestionHi Darlene, Have you ever had a Jade Plant just droop over? Mine is 18 tall, healthy, growing, but some of the trunks just fell over to the side. Is it because it is too top heavy with leaves? &n

A Yellowing Yucca

QuestionAbout two weeks ago I repotted my Yucca plant. I did this because one of the two plants was infested with scales. I separated the two plants, threw away the sick one and replanted the healthier o

babana tree rotting

QuestionI think I have a banana tree. Tall tree like stem, several shoots around top with green and yellow variegated long leaves. Here is the problem the shoots are rottening and falling off. the shorter of t

failing banana tree

QuestionI recently purchased a banana tree and repotted it. This is the kind if banana tree with a tree like stalk and it has shoots that surround the very top. the leaves are yellow and green variegated and long. T

Houseplant ID and care

QuestionI received two houseplants while ill, and I would like to know what they are and how to care for them. They arrived in inexpensive plastic pots with holes in the bottoms. I am sending photos labelled photo_1

cornstalk plant leaves browning and dying

QuestionHi Will! Weve a cornstalk plant which we moved into our new home from our apartment a month ago. Its in a corner, surrounded by 2 windows that provide southern and southeastern light. (However, the corner i

dry leaves on corn plant

QuestionA previously very healthy, 1 3/4 dia, approx 36 tall, three stalk corn plant in a 12 pot is developing brown dried leaf tips and whitish-grey spotting on the leaf edges. Plant is 3 from western exposur

Browning of tips of plant leaves

QuestionWhat causes the leaves to turn brown on several house plants that I have? One grows very tall, the other sits on the dining room table. I water both of them once a week. The one on the table wilts quickly if

virginian creepers

QuestionDear Darlene, I live in the west coast of Ireland, I am having major problems with wooly aphids on my Virginian Creepers in my conservatory. I would be very grateful for any non chemical advise Answer

Care of Dwarf Alberta Spruce

QuestionHi Darlene, Over the Christmas Holidays my daughter in law sent us a Dwarf Alberta Spruce tree. When the tree arrived the pot was in plastic bag which I left on until a few days ago. The lower part of

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