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tiny holes in tomato leaves

Questionwhat causes the tiny holes in tomato leaves? I have not found an insect unless it is too small to see. the holes are approx. .4mm to 1mm. the plants have been in ground 1 week. I do organic gardening and hav


QuestionIs there a variety of cabbage that tends to be more leafy and slower heading, so that the leaves may be harvested and eaten before the cabbage forms a head? What is the suggested way to repel insects from c

railroad ties

QuestionI recently bought a house that is using railroad ties to frame the garden. I am wondering about the effect the kreosote has on the soil. Doe enough leach into the soil to cause concern? Thank you for your ti

Pests in citrus trees

QuestionHi Candace I live in southern spain and have a variety of citrus trees in my garden. I have recently noticed the end leaves are curling and some have trail marks burnt into them, there is also some evidence


QuestionHello, I have a mole in my vegetable garden. What can I do without disturbing my newly planted seeds? Thanks, appreciate it. J Meyer AnswerDear John: Listed below are 3 possible remedies for your m

Container Organic Vegetable Gardening

QuestionHello Duane, I was told that I could ask you a question. Heres my question(s)... I bought some organic seedlings of various things (2 different tomatoe plants, 2 pepper plants, and some herbs). I needed to r

its about sweet peas- not too organic

QuestionI know that sweet peas are not organic, but I thought maybe you would know about this question. I started growing sweet peas last summer and they are now blooming. I know that there is another term used for

summer sqash

QuestionDear Candace,I have a small organic vegetable garden I started about 4 years ago.My problem is the summer squash.After the first year,the leaves started to turn white and some of the plants died.The ones tha


QuestionMay we have a list of herbs and vegetables that you grow in your garden if possible with corresponding photos of each herb? Can we possibly request for some seeds? How much? Thank yous AnswerH Juliet, Im

Corn cobs

QuestionWe are growing a small amount of corn and when we look at the cobs they are not full of curnels, why is this happening and can we fix it. Darren AnswerDear Darren: Presumably, youre referring to Sweet Cor

Pencil shavings in compost

QuestionIs it OK to add pencil shavings to compost? The wood would be OK Im sure, and the paint ought to be as it has to be childsafe for schoolagers, but I dont have a clue as to graphite. (I dont know that i

Careers in Organic Gardening

QuestionHi, I am a new organic gardener and I love it already. My grandfather has been an organic gardener for many years now. He is the one teaching me. Right now, I am trying to figure out what p

halting plant growth?

QuestionGreetings. I (rather stupidly) started some vegetable seedlings indoors about a month before I was supposed to. Our frost date is sometime in May (We live in Ohio), and we still get frost at night...the usu

safe building materials

QuestionI want to build raised beds in my greenhouse for organics. I need info on safe building materials that will contain compost and not leach toxins into plants. It would be nice if they lasted years as well. Th

Chemical vs. organic control of pests

QuestionHi. I would like to know where on the web would be the best place to look for information highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of chemical and orgnaic control, taking into account the different trea


QuestionI dont know if you guys are the right folks to ask, but were organic gardners (in that we use no chemicals and rely heavily on natural fertilizers, etc.). We have two questions: Strawberries: What is

Common Periwinkle, or creeping myrtle

QuestionHi Mack, I bought the home I am in a few years ago and at this time am ready to get rid of the extensive growth of Periwinkle in my yard...there is alot of it. It has taken over most of th


QuestionHi Frank and Vicky, I have just cleared out all the weeds and grass from an 8 X 12area that I plan to start as my vegetable garden (hopefully organic) for the first time. I really hope that this

Genetically Engineered Tomatoes

QuestionHey there Chris...... as youre an expert in the gardening field involving organic vegetable and herb growing.... I wanted to ask you what you think of the idea of genetically enhancing tomatoes so that they

vegetable questions

QuestionTwo things;what if any varieties of lettuce are heat tolerant and can they be planted herein the Washington DC area where the temperatures exceed 90 degrees? Also I planted chery Belle radishes in late March

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