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Botanic Garden > Question and Answer > About Gardening > Tomato – Damaged by Leaf-footed Bug

Tomato – Damaged by Leaf-footed Bug

2016/8/15 11:52:02

Q: I have a bug that has wreaked havoc with my tomatoes for two years now. I kill every one I see but cannot keep up. They pierce the skin of the tomatoes and inject something that causes the tomatoes to have green areas that taste funny and later in the season the tomatoes will begin to rot in that area when it is really hot.

A: It's a leaf-footed bug.

They are hard to control, even with synthetic insecticides.

I found one online suggestion that they can be sucked up by a battery-powered hand vacuum. Try that and let me know if it works.

See Leaf-footed Bug

leaf footed bug 1

leaf footed bug (2)

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