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Facts About Organic Vegetables

2016/8/9 11:36:10


Growing and consuming organic vegetables has become increasingly popular in recent years. Individuals are becoming conscientious about pursuing a healthy lifestyle via diet change and a greater awareness of environmental issues. Organic vegetables benefit the body as well as the environment.


Organic vegetables are those grown without synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fumigants or chemical fertilizers.


Organic gardening is the oldest method of cultivation. Before the 20th century and the introduction of chemicals and pesticides, farmers produced vegetables naturally.


Growing vegetables organically is, ironically, economical because it requires the use of inexpensive, local items rather than the expensive tools and synthetic chemicals of commercial vegetable production.


Growing vegetables organically conserves natural resources by recycling natural materials. Organic farming also helps protect the environment from toxic chemicals and other potentially dangerous pollutants.


Because organic vegetables grow without chemicals, the nutrition level is higher than that of commercially grown vegetables.

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