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How to Plant Thyme

Overview Gardeners with a culinary flair often enjoy growing an herb garden. Not only are many herb plants beautiful as they grow in the soil, but they also smell lovely as they grow. Thyme is a well-

How to Plant Thyme Lawn From Seeds

Overview When you think of a lawn, you probably think of an expanse of green grass. Grass is just one type of lawn plant. Lawns created from groundcovers provide interest and appeal to many areas of t

How to Plant English Thyme

Overview English thyme (Thymus vulgaris) is a lovely plant that adds charm and aroma to your garden--and that tastes delicious in everything from soups to breads. Its an evergreen that blooms in summe

How to Plant Thyme Plugs

Overview Thyme (Thymus), is a woody, low-growing herb, perfect for a ground cover, in a rock garden, or along garden paths. Plant thyme around stepping stones, and it will climb over the stones, softe

How to Plant Thyme in the Fall

Overview Many varieties of thyme are hardy to USDA zone 4. Although usually gardeners do the bulk of their planting in the spring, some gardeners choose to plant thyme in the autumn to give it a head

How to Handle Root Rot on Thyme

Overview Although thyme grows readily for most gardeners, even in poor soil, thyme does present some difficulties. Thyme is particularly sensitive to root rot. Root rot is a fungus that spreads throug

How to Plant Silver Posie Thyme

Overview Silver posie thyme is a low growing, compact, variegated-leafed, lemon scented herb. It is also known as garden thyme, lemon-scented thyme and common thyme. Silver posie thyme is indigenous t

How Do I Take Care of the Plant Called Woolly Thyme?

Overview Woolly thyme (Thymus pseudolanuginosus), also called woolly creeping thyme, grows to just 3 inches tall and has soft, woolly leaves. Spreading rapidly, this creeping thyme is usually planted

How to Cut Fresh Thyme

Cut fresh thyme whenever you need it for cooking.

How to Grow Thyme

Thyme growing abundantly in an herb garden.

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