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Sweet Pea Perfume Delight

Sweet Pea Perfume Delight - Seeds & Bulbs Sweet Pea Perfume Delight(Lathyrus odoratus) A mixture of several colors of very fragrant sweet peas. The fragrance of these flowers will take you to times past. Slightly

Sweet Pea: Streamers

Sweet Pea: Streamers - Seeds & Bulbs Sweet Pea Streamers(Latyhyrus odoratus)Streamers is a new Spencer sweet pea developed by the internationally renowned New Zealand plant breeder, Dr. Keith Hammett. Streamer is

Sweet Pea Cupani

Sweet Pea Cupani - Seeds & Bulbs Sweet Pea Cupani(Lathyrus odoratus) The first sweet pea variety to arrive in England was Cupani, sent to Dr Uvedale from a monk, Father Franciscus Cupani, during the late 1600s. Cu

Sweet Pea Old Spice Blend

Sweet Pea Old Spice Blend - Seeds & Bulbs Sweet Pea Old Spice Blend(Lathyrus odoratus) A mixture of white, cream, pink, rose, scarlet, lavender, purple, bicolors, and striped flowers! The old Spice Mix varieties a

Sweet Pea: In the Pink

Sweet Pea: In the Pink - Seeds & Bulbs Sweet Pea In the Pink(Latyhyrus odoratus)This designer blend of sweet peas is romantically fragrant and makes charming bouquets. In the Pink will brighten your spring garden

Sweet Pea Bouquet Mix

Sweet Pea Bouquet Mix - Seeds & Bulbs Sweet Pea Bouquet Mix(Lathyrus odoratus) You asked for it, we found it. A sweet pea developed jor use in cut flower arrangements. Scarlet, rose, salmon-cream-pink, light salmo

Sweet Pea: Melody Blend

Sweet Pea: Melody Blend - Seeds & Bulbs Sweet Pea Melody Blend(Latyhyrus odoratus)Melody is a sweet pea series developed by the internationally renowned New Zealand plant breeder, Dr. Keith Hammett. A blend of six

Sweet Pea Royal Family

Sweet Pea Royal Family - Seeds & Bulbs Sweet Pea Royal Family Mix(Lathyrus odoratus) The secret to successfully growing sweet peas in very early planting. They should be planted as early as the soil should be work

How to Care for Sweet Pea Plants

Overview Sweet peas are an old-fashioned favorite, with colorful, lacy blooms and bright green vines that never lose their appeal. Sweet peas are a cool weather plant, and will fill an empty space in

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