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How to Dry Pampas Grass Plumes

2016/8/8 10:28:56


Pampas grass plumes add height and interest to dried arrangements and are attractive on their own when placed in a large vase. The dried reeds are often used to make baskets. Pampas grass is naturally dry when collected and will continue to dry in the arrangement. No special drying procedures are required for pampas grass beyond careful collecting and protecting the arrangement from damage.

Step 1

Cut pampas grass plumes in the fall when they are fully developed and dry. Choose plumes in perfect condition. Cut during the middle of the day, in dry weather.

Step 2

Cut about twice the number of plumes needed; plants will shrink a little as they dry and some will be damaged or unusable.

Step 3

Trim pampas grass plume to the desired height and arrange in a large vase filled with sand. Place in an area with good airflow. The dry pampas grass will continue to dry in the arrangement.

Step 4

Spray the seed heads with hairspray or an aerosol lacquer to give them strength and prevent them from falling off the stem as they age.

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