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How to Cover a Dogwood Tree

Overview Dogwood trees produce attractive blossoms in the springtime and small berries in the fall. These berries often remain on the tree throughout the winter, providing fresh food for birds. These

How to Treat a Dogwood Tree That Has Had the Bark Stripped Off

Overview The flowering dogwood grows throughout the United States. The flowers, which are generally white but can also be pink or red, bloom in early spring. A full-grown dogwood averages 20 to 30 fee

Dogwood Tree Varieties

Dogwood is a popular spring-flowering tree with over 100 varieties and cultivars (Cornus florida) grown in the Unite

How to Start a Wild Dogwood Tree

Overview The wild dogwood tree (Cornus florida) is a small, deciduous tree native to the eastern United States. Although there are many varieties, C. florida generally flowers in white, flat blooms wi

Flowering Dogwood Tree Diseases

The flowers, foliage and roots of Cornus florida, commonly known as flowering dogwood, can attract a variety of dise

How to Propagate a Dogwood Tree

Overview Propagate dogwood trees from cuttings to produce new trees that are genetically identical to the mother tree. Propagation from cuttings is much faster than starting from seeds and is preferab

How to Plant a Dogwood Tree From a Young Sapling

Overview The dogwood is a deciduous tree that is well-adapted to growing in USDA hardiness zones 5a to 8b. The dogwood is an easy-to-care for tree that will provide color to a shady spot in the garden

How to Rescue a Dogwood Tree

Overview Dogwood trees are prized for their spring flowering bracts, elegant form and, in some cultivars, decorative colored bark. They often show stress due to their shallow root system and thin, del

How to Start a Dogwood Tree From Its Seeds

Overview Dogwood trees are flowering trees used in gardens and landscapes throughout the country. These trees grow to differing heights, depending on the variety. Flowering dogwood trees come in speci

Flowering Dogwood Tree Facts

Overview Flowering dogwoods are known by the name Cornus florida or simply dogwood. They are in the dogwood family of plants, called Cornaceae. They flower with

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