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Staghorn Fern Plant

2016/8/4 15:05:26

Staghorn Fern Plant

Platycerium bifurcatumElkhorn Fern Plant

A Staghorn Fern is native to the rain forests of Queensland Australia where it is found growing on rocks and the sides of treesStaghorn Ferns are a very unique looking plants and do not resemble any other fern. The outer leaves of a Staghorn Fern, shaped like elk antlers, are thick and green. These leaves are covered in fine hairs that make them feel a little furry and give a Staghorn Fern a gray or silver look. The other leaf type at the bottom of ta Staghorn Fern is a brown cup-shaped frond that in nature captures nutrients. This frond also helps a Staghorn Fern cling to rocks, trees, the sides of pots, and decorative boards.

Thick, greenish-gray,hairy Staghorn Fern Plant

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