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caring for lilies in home

I have a asiatic lilly that I repotted and brought inside, and the leaves have died, but the plant has bulbs/seeds.  Can I pick these and try to grow them inside, or should I just put them in the ground, and when should I plant them if they must go outside.  I live in Nebraska

You shouldn't try to grow the lilies inside, because they need the cold winter to go dormant.  And they need a period of dormancy.  Asiatic lilies are cold hardy to Zone 5, so you can just leave them in the ground outside all winter, maybe putting some Hay over the soil for root protection.  And yes you should plant the mother and the bulblets in the ground before winter 4-6' DEEP and cover with Hay.  Fertilize in the Spring with slow release Osmocote.  Hope this helps

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