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pine trees

We have 2 5 foot pine trees very near our home. We had #3 but got 1 removed 3 years ago because it was dead. We got a lot of snow this past winter and the trees were covered for a long time. They only have a very small amount of green on them and the rest is brown and brittle. Are they dead? Every one elses trees are green on our street. THANK YOU!!

As long as there is still green needles on the pine it is still alive. But will have a hard time this summer with the heat and water. With reduced amount of foliage the tree will not be able to pull up as much water from the roots. I would try watering it every third or fourth day with 1 inch of water--place a pan under the tree and turn the sprinkler on and when the pan has 1 inch of water in it stop. Do this if it does not rain or until there is no more green needles. If you have not done so I would mulch around the tree with not more than 3 inches deep of organic mulch not piled up on the trunk. This will help hold moisture around the roots. I would say the tree has a chance but not a very good one.  

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