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yellow buds broken areial root#2

2016/8/3 10:53:43


yellow buds
This is the second pic and the buds have turned yellow and dried out. i have a third pic (let me know if u need to see it) and it just show a brand where all the little buds fell off. never even had a chance to bloom. tear Thanks for your advice in advance wish i would have found you sooner!

Nia, since the buds that have dried out are at the end of the flower spike there are several possible explanations for bud loss. The most sanguine reason is that the plant is not strong enough to open all the buds it initiates. It's ambitions exceed it capabilities so it is challenged. In this event, grow the plant well and you can look forward to future, more profuse flowering. Less sanguine is that the plant has a root problem and that compromises its ability to produce new growth-- including flowers. If this is the case, wait until the plant has finished flowering, unpot it and examine the roots. If any are mushy, this is evidence of root rot. Remove those mushy roots before repotting in a fresh orchid pot and potting mix.

If the old flower spike remains green, it could give rise to additional buds and flowers from flower spike branches at the nodes (joints) in the flower spike.

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