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Miltonia orchid

2016/8/3 16:10:25


I was recently given a Miltonia orchid. The tag says to keep in low to moderate filtered light, feed with quarter strength balanced liquid feed and keep evenly moist. Do not allow mix to completely dry.

So my question is how much light is moderate filtered light and how moist is evenly moist?

Thanks for your help.


Hi Sharon,

Low light is not adequate for a Miltonia Orchid. The best location for it is right on a north facing windowsill. It could also be placed close to an east window. A south or west facing window would provide too much direct sunlight for it. Make sure the window where you place it is uncovered throughout the daylight hours.

Although Miltonias are more tolerant of cool temps than most Orchids, it will do best if temps are kept above 65 degrees F. If your windowsill gets cold at night during the winter, you may want to move it away from the window at night.

It is hard for me to provide watering instructions because Orchids are potted in different types of mixes - usually sphagnum moss or bark chips or some combination of both. In general, it is best not to water until the potting mix feels almost completely dry when you poke your finger down abut an inch. At that point it is ready to receive a thorough drenching under the faucet in the sink. If your Orchid is potted in something that does not have drainage holes, then let me know or better yet post or email me a photo so I can instruct you better.

I must warn you that Miltonias are difficult to get to re-bloom indoors unless you are experienced with Orchids. Normally they bloom only once per year and usually in the summer. Many people discard them after they are finished flowering

I have written an article on Orchid care that I will email for free to you (or anyone else) who sends a request to me at wcreed@HorticulturalHelp.com.

Please let me know if any of this is unclear or if you have any additional questions.

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