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Dracaena Massaganea

2016/8/2 17:06:46

I have recently been given a Dracaena Massaganea in very poor condition. The plant is about 6 ft tall and has three leafing areas but all the leaves are just laying there limp. I was given the plant by a church friend and they had it in the doorway of the church and I think it was exposed to some cold drafts as it is getting cold here in Ohio. I brought it home and put it in my kitchen where I have several other plants, a grow light and where the temp stays a steady 71 degrees. What else can I do to help this plant bounce back?

Dear Lora, The cold drafts could indeed be responsible for the problems with this Dracaena, so giving it a good light source and warm temperature will be the best medicine. Also, you might see if the soil seems worn out and it needs repotting. It probably won't need a bigger pot size, but it may need fresh dirt and be firmly planted. You could also give it a light fertilizer. Check on the leaves and see if there appear to be any bugs on the leaves. If you have any bugs or leaf discolorations, you can spray it with NEEM, an organic insecticide, fungicide, and miticide available in many products. Trim off any brown spots the leaves might have, and cut off any canes that might be rotten. Make sure when watering not to leave any water standing in a saucer underneath. Other than that, just be patient. I'm sure the plant will appreciate the better care and be beautiful by this time next year. Good luck, Melissa

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