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Gravesite plant holders

2016/8/4 9:48:14

Answer -
Sorry, Lisa. The only suppliers I know of are in MA and RI. Other than that, I could only suggest a retailer such as Michael's craft stores.
Who are the suppliers in MA and RI. I'll just pay the shipping costs. This is a sensitive subject for the mother, I just want to get her what she wants.

I have always had them deliver locally. I can't say for sure if the first two ship. But the suppliers I have used are:

Fall River Florist Supply
119 Cove Rd
Fall River, MA
phone: 800.825.8252

Bay State Florist Supply
395 Promenade St
Providence, RI
phone: 401.751.4333

1 Goddard Dr
Cranston, RI
phone: 401.463.3333
website: www.rjcarbone.com

Carbone has the largest inventory of supplies and would probably be your best bet, because they have online purchasing and they ship.

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