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Mulberry Tree Fungus Treatments

With its great-tasting fruit---and being the sole source of food for the silk worm---the mulberry tree is grown arou

How to Identify a Mulberry Tree Leaf

Overview The mulberry tree (Morus spp.) has several specific varieties. The white mulberry is native to China and the black mulberry is native to western Asia, while the red or American mulberry is na

How to Plant a Mulberry Tree

Overview Mulberry trees come in varieties ranging from dwarf mulberry, only a few feet tall, to the white mulberry tree, which can reach a height of 80 feet. Mulberry trees are often selected for the

Mulberry Tree Facts

Overview T

How to Trim a Fruitless Mulberry Tree

Overview The fruitless mulberry is a common shade and street tree in the Morus genus--several similar varieties exist. All varieties are tall--up to 60 feet--and have an attractive canopy of large, lo

Mulberry Tree Diseases

Mulberry, known botanically as the species Morus, are deciduous flowering and fruiting trees. There are two main cul

How to Tell If a Mulberry Tree Is Male or Female

Overview Mulberry, known botanically as Morus, is a species of flowering and fruiting trees that contains several cultivars. Mulberry trees are commonly dioecious, meaning that they are male or female

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