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How to Care for a Japanese Maple Tree

Overview The Japanese maple tree, technically referred to as Acer palmatum, is a deciduous, broadleaf tree that can reach heights of 25 feet with an equivalent spread. This colorful tree develops foli

How to Grow a Japanese Red Maple Tree

Overview There are more than 1,000 species of Japanese maple trees, ranging from dwarf maples to ornamental varieties such as lace leaf maples. The Japanese red maple tree is distinguished by its fol

Diseases of the Japanese Red Maple Tree

Red Japanese Maple trees, known botanically as Acer palamtum, are deciduous trees grown as ornamentals and prized fo

Problems With a Japanese Red Maple Tree

The Japanese red maple (Acer palmatum atropurpureum) is a small, popular ornamental tree. This slow-growing tree can

How to Prune a Dwarf Japanese Maple

Pruning your tree can result in beautifully swept branches that c

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