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When & How to Plant Daffodil Bulbs

Overview Daffodil, also known as narcissus, is an annual or perennial flower valued for its large, ornamental flowers. Daffodil flowers can be white, yellow or orange in color, and are one of the firs

How to Move Spring Daffodil Bulbs

Overview If you have daffodils that grace your yard, but there are circumstances that require you move them to a different location, there are a few points you should consider. The best time to move d

Daffodil Planting Tips

Daffodils are one of the easiest flower bulbs to grow, and their appearance heralds the first sign of spring. These

How to Grow Daffodils

Yellow daffodils in the sunshine.

What to Do with Daffodil Bulbs

Overview As the weather gets cooler and fewer flowers are blooming, it may be hard to picture your spring landscape. But autumn is the perfect time to add color

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