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What Plants Can Be Rooted in Water?

While some plants must have soil in order to form roots, others can be rooted in water. Plain tap water can be used

How to Care For a Kong Rose Coleus

Overview Coleus (Solenostemon scutellarioides) is one of the easiest summer plants to grow. While it is considered a tender perennial, most gardeners treat coleus as an annual. Coleus is tough, somewh

Garden Plants That Tolerate Humidity

When looking for plants that tolerate humidity, look for ones whose native habitat is tropical or subtropical. They

Outdoor Potted Plant Ideas

Container gardening works well for people with little space or limited mobility. Almost any plant can be grown in a

The Best Patio Plants

Keep several things in mind when choosing plants to grow on a patio or deck. First, find a plant that wont outgrow y

The Best Bedding Plant Combinations

Bedding plants are a popular option for gardeners looking to add annuals to flower beds and planters alike. When usi

How to Start Coleus Seeds

Overview Coleus plants add color and texture to outdoor plantings with their bright foliage and variation of leaf design. These versatile plants thrive in morning sun, growing rapidly to fill containe

How to Save Coleus Flower Seeds

Overview Coleus are popular plants for good reason. Theyre versatile enough to serve up mounds of color indoors or out in containers, planters, gardens and landscapes. These undemanding and practicall

Caladium vs. Coleus

Overview C

How to Germinate Coleus Seeds

Overview Foliage that ranges from pale green and white to fiery reds and rust makes coleus a choice for gardeners looking for a bedding plant or a plant to add color to window boxes and containers. Wi

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