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About Cleome

Overview S

How to Stratify Cleome Seeds

Overview Cleome, also known as the spider flower, is a showy annual that is fragrant, attracting butterflies and hummingbirds. Before sowing cleome seeds in the spring, they need to go through stratif

How to Germinate Cleome

Overview Cleome is often referred to as a spider flower due to its long, thin appendages that resemble spider legs. It comes in a variety of colors, the most common being white, pink and purple. Cleom

How to Harvest Cleome

Overview Tall and handsome, Cleome hassleriana is also referred to as the spider flower or cat whiskers plant. Once these carefree tender annuals begin flowering in mid-summer, you can look forward to

Care of Cleome

Cleome flowers bloom in summer through fall.

Cleome Fast Facts

Cleome Fast Facts

Spider Flower Fast Facts

Spider Flower Fast Facts

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