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Basil Plant Diseases

Both bacterial and fungal diseases can affect basil plants. If left untreated, these diseases can cause malformed or

How to Take Care of an Indoor Basil Plant

Overview Fresh basil is often deemed more pungent and flavorful than dried basil, and can add an exotic bite to your favorite recipe. Indoor herb gardening is perfect for those who dont have a yard or

How to Grow Holy Basil

Overview Holy basil is a flowering herb used for cooking and medicinal purposes. The leaves are notched, but less pointed than Thai and Italian basil. Ayurvedic medicine practitioners consider the he

How to Grow Basil Plants

Overview Related to mint, basil has a mildly spicy flavored prized in a variety of dishes. As an annual herb, basil must be replanted each year in the garden, but thats rarely an issue because it is s

How to Grow the Herb Basil

Overview Basil is an herb that can be used for a variety of dishes, including pizzas, pastas, salads and soups. Growing basil is fairly simple. The plant favors sunny, warm conditions and does best ou

How to Plant a Basil Bush

Overview Bush basil (Ocimum), topping out at 6 inches, is a bushy, low-growing herb that is considerably smaller than its better-known cousin, the sweet basil. The tiny white blossoms that bloom on a

How to Plant Basil Seedlings

Overview Basil is a popular cooking herb that can be grown during the warm summer months. Planting basil seedlings is very simple, especially if you prepare the garden bed in advance. The most importa

Growing Herb Basil

Overview The rich, spicy taste of fresh or dried basil adds an immense amount of flavor to any dish. Easy to grow both indoors and out, basil is an annual herb that requires very little care consideri

How to Cut Fresh Basil

Cut fresh basil for a delicious addition to many recipes.

How to Plant Basil

Plant basil from seed or plants to enjoy this delicious herb in c

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