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Family: HyacinthaceaeGenus: Drimia (DRY-mee-a) (Info)Species: haworthioides (hay-worth-ee-OY-deez) (Info)

Foxtail Lily Tropical Dream

Family: Liliaceae (lil-ee-AY-see-ee) (Info)Genus: Eremurus (er-EE-mur-us) (Info)Species: x isabellinus (iz-uh-bel-LEE-nus) (Info)Cultivar:

Dutch Hyacinth Lord Balfour

Family: HyacinthaceaeGenus: Hyacinthus (hy-uh-SIN-thus) (Info)Species: orientalis (or-ee-en-TAY-liss) (Info)Cultivar: Lord Balfour

Darwin Hybrid Tulip American Dream

Family: Liliaceae (lil-ee-AY-see-ee) (Info)Genus: Tulipa (TOO-li-pa) (Info)Cultivar: American DreamHybridized by Ropta-Armapool Registered or

Calla Lily Crystal Blush

Family: Araceae (a-RAY-see-ee) (Info)Genus: Zantedeschia (zan-te-DES-kee-uh) (Info)Cultivar: Crystal Blush

Triumph Tulip Shirley

Family: Liliaceae (lil-ee-AY-see-ee) (Info)Genus: Tulipa (TOO-li-pa) (Info)Cultivar: Shirley

Gladiolus My Love

Family: Iridaceae (eye-rid-AY-see-ee) (Info)Genus: Gladiolus (GLAD-ee-oh-lus) (Info)Species: x hortulanus (hor-tew-LAY-nus) (Info)Cultivar:

Viridiflora Tulip Spring Green

Family: Liliaceae (lil-ee-AY-see-ee) (Info)Genus: Tulipa (TOO-li-pa) (Info)Cultivar: Spring GreenHybridized by Liefting Registered or introduc

Long-Cupped Narcissus, Large-cupped Daffodil Red Devon

Family: Amaryllidaceae (am-uh-ril-id-AY-see-ee) (Info)Genus: Narcissus (nar-SIS-us) (Info)Cultivar: Red DevonHybridized by Champernowne Registered or introduced: pre 1943

Glacier Lily

Family: Liliaceae (lil-ee-AY-see-ee) (Info)Genus: Erythronium (er-ih-THROH-nee-um) (Info)Species: grandiflorum (gran-dih-FLOR-um) (Info)

Lily of the Nile, African Lily Ellamae

Family: AgapanthaceaeGenus: Agapanthus (ag-uh-PANTH-us) (Info)Cultivar: EllamaeAdditional cultivar information:(aka Ella Mae)

Coopers Ledebouria, Striped Squill, Zebras Quill

Family: HyacinthaceaeGenus: Ledebouria (le-de-BOR-ree-a) (Info)Species: cooperi (koo-PER-ee) (Info)

Canna Lily, Indian Shot Red Stripe

Family: Cannaceae (kan-AY-see-ee) (Info)Genus: Canna (KAN-uh) (Info)Species: indica (IN-dih-kuh) (Info)Cultivar: Red StripeSynonym:Canna li

Ball Dahlia Cornel

Family: Asteraceae (ass-ter-AY-see-ee) (Info)Genus: Dahlia (DAHL-ya) (Info)Cultivar: CornelHybridized by Geerlings Registered or introduced: 1

Species, Natural Hybrid Orchid, Yellow Fringed Orchid, Haired Platanthera

Family: Orchidaceae (or-kid-AY-see-ee) (Info)Genus: Platanthera (pla-TAN-ther-uh) (Info)Species: ciliaris (sil-ee-AIR-iss) (Info)Additional

Triumph Tulip Prinses Irene

Family: Liliaceae (lil-ee-AY-see-ee) (Info)Genus: Tulipa (TOO-li-pa) (Info)Cultivar: Prinses IreneAdditional cultivar information:(aka Princess Ir

Tall Bearded Iris Violet Harmony

Family: Iridaceae (eye-rid-AY-see-ee) (Info)Genus: Iris (EYE-ris) (Info)Cultivar: Violet HarmonyHybridized by Lowry Registered or introduced:

Amaryllis Lady Jane

Family: Amaryllidaceae (am-uh-ril-id-AY-see-ee) (Info)Genus: Hippeastrum (hip-ee-ASS-trum) (Info)Cultivar: Lady Jane

Tazetta Narcissus, Paperwhite Daffodil, Paperwhites Grand Soleil DOr

Family: Amaryllidaceae (am-uh-ril-id-AY-see-ee) (Info)Genus: Narcissus (nar-SIS-us) (Info)Cultivar: Grand Soleil DOrAdditional cultivar informatio

Green Cape Cowslip

Family: HyacinthaceaeGenus: Lachenalia (lak-en-AH-ee-uh) (Info)Species: viridiflora (vir-id-uh-FLOR-uh) (Info)

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