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How To Buy Trees At Online Nurseries

2016/8/9 9:13:14
Trees are sometimes a challenge to buy and grow, but probably the most important factor that goes into caring for a tree is the type that you desire to have. There are lots of different kinds you can choose from as well as lots of different sizes, such as dwarf, semi dwarf, and standard. The choice you make is pretty important and has a major effect on the overall experience. For instance, the output of a given fruit tree depends on the kind you choose. That is why adequate research must be done prior to making any purchases. Also, certain key factors must be taken into consideration, especially if you are tight on space.

Considering Height and Spread

Height is one of the most important things to consider. This does not mean considering the height at the time of purchase as much as it means the height a given tree will reach when fully grown. Smaller trees like ornamentals will reach heights of 20 to 23 feet, or six to seven meters. This will not be an issue in a garden of ample space, but it definitely will be a problem if you try to grow it in an enclosed area. If you want to grow a tree in such an area, you are better off choosing a columnar variety, as these do not spread much.

Dwarf Trees

Ideal for smaller areas, dwarf trees are perfect for your yard. They do not take up a lot of room, and they usually only reach a maximum of eight feet in diameter. Because they are smaller than other trees, you might think their fruit would be smaller too, but this is not the case. Their fruit is the same size as that of a standard fruit tree. Dwarfs are much easier to prune because they are closer to the ground, and they live the same amount of time as larger trees do. They will begin to produce fruit once they reach about three years of age. Always check ages when buying dwarf fruit trees.

Standard Fruit Trees

As you already know, a standard fruit tree takes up considerably more room than a dwarf one does, and it can reach a height of 30 feet. It must be annually pruned to avoid overgrowth and is perfect for those seeking to add shade to their yard. Standard fruit trees also start bearing fruit when they are around three years old. They are slow to grow, so reaching maximum height could take some time, but they provide better shade coverage than some other trees do. Tell your vendor exactly what you're looking for when buying this type of tree.

Soil Types

Always consider what type of soil a tree needs to live hardily and whether or not you can supply it. This is especially important when considering exotic trees, which may not do that well in your area and may require a lot of effort to keep alive. For instance, plum trees thrive in areas that get a lot of rain, while drier areas tend to favor pear and apple trees. You can usually find a list of tree types at the online nursery's website, and you can look for more information about them using an Internet search engine if need be.

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