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Tips on How to Grow Orchids

Growing orchids is not a difficult task, if you know the proper methods. Here are a few tips on how to grow orchids. Orchids have been considered as symbols of beauty, love and luxury. In the Middl

Orchid Care after Flowering

The Orchidaceae or orchid family is the largest among all flowering plants. The plant is capable of reblooming, if proper care is taken. The following Buzzle article deals with the steps to be taken for orchid care after

How to Take Care of Orchids

An floriculture enthusiast knows that orchids can be difficult to grow, and require special considerations. However, the amateurs are always left wondering how to take care of orchids. This article will help your attempt

How to Repot Orchids

Every once in a while, certain flowers/plants need to be repotted. A certain process needs to be followed in order to get it right. Learn how to repot orchids through this article. Every orchid gen

Orchid Flower Arrangements

Orchid flower arrangements are a great idea to enchant anyone. Read the following article to get to know about some easy arrangements that you can try out. Flower arrangements are an irreplaceable

Ground Orchid

Unlike common orchid species, the ground orchid is naturally adapted to ground soil. Growing and caring for this flower is easy, making them a preferred garden plant for hobbyists. Ground orchid is

Phalaenopsis Orchid Care and Maintenance

Much of the Phalaenopsis orchid maintenance is concentrated on providing filtered light, high humidity, warm temperature and moderate watering. Under favorable growth conditions, this beautiful flower blooms for three lo

How to Care for Cymbidium Orchid

Also called boat orchid, this flower is a spectacular-looking plant that comes in a variety of eye-catching colors. Lets take a look at how to care for this lovely flower. The flower is known for i

Phalaenopsis Orchid Pruning

Phalaenopsis orchid pruning is not only useful for controlling the plants size and shape, but it also prepares it for the next flowering season. Learn how to prune this plant, and definitely, you can enjoy lovely blooms

Phalaenopsis Orchid Problems

Phalaenopsis orchids also known as moth orchid and is one of the most common orchids that is grown by gardeners. For orchids to bloom and thrive, you should be aware of phalaenopsis orchid problems to avoid. Here we are

Growing Orchids Indoors

Orchids maintained indoors add a lively touch to the interior décor. Successful growing of orchids as indoor plants is all about offering an ideal growing environment that imitates the natural habitat of these tropical e

How to Look After Indoor Orchids

Orchids are popularized as excellent flowering plants for beautifying limited indoor space. Learn how to look after indoor orchids, and you can easily maintain these spectacular flowering plants right in your windowsill.

Interesting Facts about Orchids

As of date, more than 100,000 hybrids of orchids have been created and cultivated. One of the most interesting facts about orchids is that these large sized spectacular flowers produce the smallest seeds that are difficu

Basic Facts About Home Grown Orchids

Are you an orchid lover or are you thinking about trying orchids for a change. Here are some tips to help you grow some of these gorgeous flowers! Orchids are very special flowers. Their special qu

Care Instructions for Phalaenopsis Orchids

A common misconception about orchids is that they are difficult to grow as houseplants. Here are some tips to grow and care for Phalaenopsis orchids, which are the most popular variety and comparatively less fuzzier to n

Orchid Care and Maintenance

Orchids, one of the common houseplants, require specific growing conditions for flowering and producing seeds. However, with correct maintenance, you can enjoy the colorful and magnificent orchid flowers in every bloomin

Beginners Guide to Growing Orchids

Orchids are one of the most popular flowering plants all over the world. For centuries, orchids have been symbol of love, beauty, and luxury. Here is a Buzzle article that provides you a guide to growing orchids successf

Tips to Take Care of Blue Mystique Orchids

The blue color of the Blue Mystique orchids is not a result of hybridization. The color is due to the infusion of a dye in white orchids. Buzzle provides information on Blue mystique orchid care. I

Orchid Flower Meaning

Have you ever wondered what an orchid stands for? It is a beautiful and popular flower that has many different meanings, and thats exactly what this article is all about. Have a look! Unlike most f

Cattleya Orchids - 3 Best-kept Secrets For Growing Cattleyas

Cultivating orchids such as the cattleya is said to be one of the hardest jobs an orchid grower can get himself into. And this is with valid reasons. Unlike normal orchids, this type needs very specific conditions to be

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