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Oriental Lilies Meaning

If you want to choose Oriental lilies for your wedding bouquet, or want to gift it to someone, you would definitely want to know what these flowers mean. This Buzzle article can help you understand the meaning and symbol

Oriental Lily Care

Here are some Oriental Lily care tips that will help you enjoy the resplendent beauty of these magnificent flowers year after year. A species belonging to the genus Lilium, oriental lilies have an

Lily Flower Arrangements

Flowers are beautiful representations of nature in multiple color combinations. Lilies are one such example from which you cannot get your eyes off. Take a look at some elegant lily flower arrangements for occasions of a

Asiatic Lilies

The best thing about Asiatic lilies is their beauty, which adds to the grace of the landscape by adding a range of colors to it. The term Asiatic lilies is used to refer to a group of herbaceous fl

Tiger Lily Flower

The tiger lily is a flower that used to grow in many parts of the world. This article provides more information about this flower, the arrangements that you could make with it, and some tattoo designs of the blossom.

Is Stargazer Lily Poisonous?

Stargazer lilies are highly popular for their brilliant flowers, but they are poisonous for cats. Here is a brief overview about the plant and its toxicity. Lilies are among the most sought-after

How to Take Care of a Stargazer Lily

When it comes to revamping the look of your landscape, the stargazer lily plant swimmingly fits the bill. Know how to care for this special lily plant from the following easy-peasy growing tips. Th

How to Grow Peruvian Lilies

When grown in groups, the bold-colored, showy Peruvian lilies become a showstopper in a flower garden. Read on to know more about the symbolism about this flower, and more info on cultivating it...

How to Grow Water Lilies

Water lilies are a great addition to any water garden or pond. These delicate and ethereal blooms give a beautiful ambiance to your garden, and they are easy to grow. This article lists some tips to grow these flowers in

How to Grow Stargazer Lilies

Stargazer lilies are highly popular for their breathtaking flowers. Continue reading this article, for some tips about growing these lilies. If you are a person who loves lilies, then stargazers co

How to Grow Oriental Lilies

Oriental lilies are some of the most adorable flowering plants for growing in gardens and indoors. Learn basic gardening instructions on how to grow Oriental lilies, and you will surely enjoy maintaining these fragrant l

Meaning of Stargazer Lilies

Did you know that flowers too are attributed with certain symbolic meanings. Go through this article to know more about the meaning of stargazer lilies. Flowers are said to convey messages as each

Interesting Facts about Lilies

There are more than 100 species of lilies known to humans. Here are some of the most fascinating facts about lily flowers. When you have only two pennies left in the world, buy a loaf of bread with

Casablanca Lily Meaning

As per the general symbolism of flowers, the meaning of Casablanca lilies is celebration. There is no wonder that pure white Casablanca lilies are used in nearly all special occasions. Casablanca l

Peace Lily

On account of its unique structure and easy maintenance, peace lily is one of the most popular indoor plants. Here are a few tips to help you in taking care of peace lilies. Did you Know?Peace lili

What Does a Water Lily Symbolize?

Flowers portray beauty and also have a specific connotation for each culture, time, and place. The beautiful water lily has different meanings in different cultures. It has its own spiritual and aesthetic value.

Symbolism of the Lily

For many, the lily is more than just a flower. It is a part of every occasion, be it the birth of a child, wedding of your loved one, or mourning a loss of someone close to your heart. The importance of the lily is found

Different Types of Lilies

Lilies are an incredibly beautiful plant species that come in vibrant or subtle hues, and eye-catching structures that are a sight for sore eyes in any garden. There are all sorts of lilies out there that belong to the s

How to Care for Stella de Oro Daylilies

The bright looking and fragrant Stella de Oro daylily is perhaps one of the best choices for a flower garden. Know how to care for these long season daylilies. Stella de Oro belongs to the daylily

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