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Botanic Garden > Question and Answer > Plant Species > Orchids > orchid flowers falling off plant b4 blooming

orchid flowers falling off plant b4 blooming

2016/8/3 11:04:28

Hi - I received an orchid as a gift a couple weeks ago. The flowers are white with purple in the middle. The first flower bloomed for approx 1 week. Since then the other flowers on the stems have been falling off the stems before blooming. The unbloomed flowers look like pods and I am finding them on the ground. At first I thought it was too cold so I moved them to a warmer room...to no avail the plant is continuing to die. Help. Thank you.

Based upon your description I will assume that you have a dendrobium orchid. It is possible that the plant was subjected to temperatures that were too low. The flowers are the first to show signs of temperature stress. That does not mean your plant is dying. I would cut back on watering as your plant will want to enter a rest period. Water every two weeks or mist the plant twice per week until new growth starts. Temperature should not drop below 65 degrees. The plant would like to have some sunlight if you can arrange that.

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