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Iris, daisies – Care in extreme weather

2016/8/15 12:23:34

Q: At this late date, my iris and daisies have all bloomed and are now resting. I usually wait until the end of September to cut them way back for next year, but with all the rain and heat, they look dreadful. Would it be alright to cut them back now?

A: Any time a leaf is green, it is providing food for the plant to which it is attached. Even though your plants are floppy and leggy, like mine are, it is better to leave green leaves in place. To hide the disheveled foliage consider planting dwarf goldenrod, aster or sedum ‘Autumn Joy' around your untidy flowers. All of the plants I've listed are late bloomers and will make a nice transition away from the summertime blooms of iris and daisy.

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