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How to Plant Wisteria Vine

Overview Wisteria is a twining vine that requires a bit of work to maintain, but the show-stopping clusters of white, pink, lilac, blue or purple flowers make the work worth it for many gardeners. Chi

How to Harvest Wisteria Vine Seeds

Overview Wisteria are woody vines that will twine and climb over nearly anything, and can sometimes grow to be as much as 70 feet long. The ornamental vines will bear clusters of beautiful purple flow

American Wisteria Vine Information

Overview American Wisteria, scientific name Wisteria frutescens, is a good U.S. native substitute for the invasive Chinese Wisteria and has an equally impressive

How to Train a Wisteria Tree

Overview Wisteria is an ideal addition to any garden because of its rapid growth, fragrant blossoms and easy maintenance once it is established. It is a hardy twining vine with large beautiful flowers

The Best Vines for Wood Pergola

Pergolas can be stand-alone structures or can be connected to buildings. They are great for walkways and dining area

How to Garden Trailing Flower Plants

Overview Trailing flowers make an interesting accent when hung in baskets from porches, the eaves of houses or shepherds hooks. When planted in the ground, a trailing plant such as a petunia can also

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