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How to Use Lemon Verbena

Overview There are many ways to use the lemon verbena you harvest from your garden. Lemon Verbena is often used to replace lemon zest in recipes. The plant is a member of the mint family, but it has a

How to Prune Lemon Verbena

Overview The attractive lemon verbena shrub is so much more than just another pretty face. Delicious, relaxing flavored tea can easily be brewed from its sweet, aromatic, lemony leaves. Stems and gree

Homemade Lemon Verbena Perfume Recipes

The Spanish first brought lemon verbena to Europe, where it was used widely in perfume in the 18th century. Today, e

Lemon Verbena Plant

Overview D

Verbena Plants

Overview V

How to Overwinter Fuschias, Geraniums, & Verbena

Overview Tender perennials such as fuchsias, geraniums and verbena need special during the cool months. The plants must be brought indoors prior to the first frost. There are several methods for overw

How to Cook With Lemon Verbena

Overview Add a lemony flavor without the acidity of lemon juice by cooking with lemon verbena. Lemon verbena substitutes well in your recipes for lemon zest, lemongrass and lemon balm. Its citrusy sce

Verbena Fast Facts

Verbena Fast Facts

Information About Verbena Plant

Overview The verbena is a valuable ornamental commonly used in hanging baskets and as a bedding plant. The pink, peach, red, white or purple flowers are star-sh

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