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How to Care for Sweet William

Overview Sweet William, a flowering plant of the genus Dianthus, is also known by the historically curious name pinks. Pinks were not named for their color but rather for the serrated edge of their bl

Sweet William Fast Facts

Overview Sweet William (Dianthus barbatus) is a biennial plant native to the mountainous regions of southern Europe. It is most commonly found in landscaping and

What Flowers to Plant in the South

Overview If you live in the southern United States, growing flowers is easy. The secret is to find flowers that do well and dont need a chilling period or cooler temperatures to grow. Easy flowers to

Easy-to-Grow Perennial Seeds

Perennials form the backbone of the home landscape, offering flowers and ornamental additions to the garden. Perenni

Annual Plants That Bloom All Summer

Annual flowers are categorized according to their tolerance to cold weather and frost. Hardy annuals are tolerant to

Dianthus Fast Facts

Dianthus Fast Facts

How to Winterize Sweet William

Sweet William flowers.

How to Protect Sweet William

Red sweet William in a spring garden.

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