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Pitcher Plant Propagation: How To Propagate A Pitcher Plant

If you're a fan of the carnivorous pitcher plant, you'll eventually want to propagate some of your specimens to add to your collection. These plants may look exot

Repotting Pitcher Plants: How To Repot Pitcher Plants

Every healthy houseplant eventually needs repotting, and your exotic pitcher plants are no different. The soilless mix that your plant lives in will eventually compact and sh

Pitcher Plant Dormancy: Pitcher Plant Care Over Winter

Sarracenia, or pitcher plants, are native to North America. They are classic carnivorous plants that use trapped insects as part of their nutrient needs. These specimens need

Pitcher Plant Fertilizer: When And How To Fertilize A Pitcher Plant

Pitcher plant care is relatively easy and they make interesting houseplants or outdoor specimens in milder climes. Do pitcher plants need fertilizer? In ideal conditions, the

Browning Pitcher Plants: Why A Pitcher Plant Turns Yellow Or Brown

Adding a pitcher plant or three to your garden or interior space adds a touch of the unusual. Beyond being interesting carnivorous specimens, the pitcher plant produces a bea

Pitcher Plant Diseases And Pests Of Pitcher Plants

Pitcher plants are fascinating carnivorous plants that harvest insects and feed on their juices. They do this because traditionally, these bog plants live in low nitrogen are

Cobra Lily Care: Tips For Growing A Cobra Lily Plant

There is something otherworldly about the cobra lily plant. The undulating form and strangely built leaves call to mind old horror movies, yet give such a unique vision that

Hanging Pitcher Plant Care: Types Of Pitcher Plants For Hanging Baskets

Pitcher plants are a fantastic addition to the home. They’re a little bit temperamental, but if you’re willing to put in the extra work, you’ll have a striking conversation p

Rooting Pitcher Plants: Tips On Growing Pitcher Plants From Cuttings

Pitcher plant is a fascinating carnivorous plant that has ornamental appeal while entertaining and educating on a unique method of feeding. Propagating pitcher plants can be

Indoor Pitcher Plant Care: Tips On Growing Pitcher Plant As A Houseplant

Pitcher plants are fascinating carnivorous plants that are surprisingly adaptable to the indoor environment. However, it’s important to keep in mind that there are many types

Trimming Pitcher Plants: Guide To Pruning A Pitcher Plant

Pitcher plants are the type of carnivorous plant that sits and waits for bugs to fall into their pitcher traps. The tendril-shaped “pitchers” have a rim on the top that stops

Pitcher Plant Seeds: Guide To Pitcher Plant Seed Growing

If you have one pitcher plant and you’d like more, you may be thinking of growing pitcher plants from seed taken from its spent blooms. Pitcher plant seed sowing is one of th

Carnivorous Plant Problems: Why A Pitcher Plant Has No Pitchers

Some indoor plant enthusiasts think pitcher plants are easy to grow, while others believe the carnivorous plants are headaches waiting to happen. The truth is somewhere in th

Pitcher Plant Info: Growing Pitcher Plants In The Garden

There are over 700 species of carnivorous plants. The American pitcher plant (Sarracenia spp.) is known for its unique pitcher shaped leaves, bizarre flowers and its diet of

Do Pitcher Plants Bloom: Learn About Pitcher Plant Flowers

Pitcher plants are interesting and beautiful carnivorous plants that rely primarily on insect pests for sustenance. Do pitcher plants bloom? They certainly do, and pitcher pl

Pitcher Plant Pest Control: Learn About Pests Of Pitcher Plants

Pitcher plants are exotic, fascinating plants, but they’re prone to many of the same problems that affect any other plant, including pests. If you’re wondering how to get rid

Nepenthes Pitcher Plants: Treating A Pitcher Plant With Red Leaves

Nepenthes, often called pitcher plants, are native to tropical regions in South East Asia, India, Madagascar and Australia. They get their common name from the swellings in the mid-veins of the leav

Watering Nepenthes – How To Water A Pitcher Plant

Nepenthes (pitcher plants) are fascinating plants that survive by secreting sweet nectar that lures insects to the plant’s cup-like pitchers. Once the unsuspecting insect sli

Growing Pitcher Plants: Learn About The Care of Pitcher Plants

Pitcher plants have the appearance of an exotic, rare plant but they are actually native to parts of the United States. They grow in parts of Mississippi and Louisiana where

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