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How to Care for Mint Plants

Overview Plants in the mint family grow rapidly and produce aromatic leaves often harvested for culinary use. Hardy to -20 degrees F, mint plants grow throughout the United States and may become invas

How to Make a Mint Plant Fuller

Overview Mint is almost too easy to grow. In fact, its considered to be a pest by many gardeners, which isnt surprising since it spreads like wildfire and is all but impossible to get rid of once its

Uses for Mint Leaves

More than just flavoring for toothpaste or chewing gum, mint (Mentha spp.) is a versatile herb whose leaves can be u

Mint Plant Benefits

Mint is a staple of all herb gardens, whether indoors or outdoors. It is used for flavoring items such as ice cream,

Licorice Mint Plant

Overview L

How to Plant Mint Seeds

Overview Plant mint in your herb garden, and you will have a thriving patch of the herb for years to come, as mint will grow just about anywhere with very little maintenance. Once the plant is establi

How to Save Mint Seeds

Overview Because of its familiar, refreshing aroma and tangy flavor, mint is one of the most familiar of all herbs. A versatile herb, mint will add zing to hot dishes, meats, jams, jellies, and hot a

How to Make Mint Oil With Fresh Mint

Overview Mint oil makes an aromatic and flavorful base for dressings and marinades. The oil can also be added to candy and baked good recipes as a substitute for regular oil when its called for. Makin

Mint Plant Herbs

Mints are a varied and versatile group of plants--the Lamiaceae family. With over 76 genera, and 817 accepted taxa,

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