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What Pests Afflict Magnolia Tree Flowers?

The magnolia tree, with its magnificent blooms, has been flowering on Earth for tens of millions of years. Magnolias

How to Care for a White Star Magnolia Tree

Overview The star magnolia (Magnolia stellata) looks like a delicate tree but is actually the hardiest magnolia. Gardeners can be easily deceived by the trees appearance in spring, when the leafless b

Magnolia Tree Types

The Magnolia genus belongs to the Magnoliaceae plant family and contains numerous evergreen or deciduous trees. Most

Magnolia Tree Maintenance Requirements

Magnolia trees are beloved for their distinctive glossy leaves and large, dramatic flowers that bloom in the spring.

Tips on Magnolia Tree Care

A mature magnolia tree makes a striking visual impact in the lawn or landscape. Beyond its impressive size, the magn

Facts About the Magnolia Tree

Facts About the Magnolia Tree

How to Plant a Magnolia Star Tree

Magnolia star trees bloom white star-shaped flowers

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