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Calla Lily Mango Flower Information

Overview Mango calla lilies, botanically named Zantedeschia, derive their common name from the mango fruit. Blooming in early to mid-summer, they grow from 14 to

Information on the Lily Flower

Overview True lilies are perennials from the genus Lilium and grow from bulbs made of fleshy segments called scales. Lilies can bloom from early summer through f

How to Ship Lily of the Valley Flowers

Overview Lily of the valley flowers are a fast-spreading ground cover plant. They bloom in mid spring with tiny bell-shaped flowers on tall graceful stems. Their fragrance is light and sweet. Lily of

How to Remove Peace Lily Flowers

Overview A blooming peace lily is a lofty achievement for any gardener. When a peace lily blooms, this indicates a healthy and happy plant. As you enjoy the beautiful blooming flowers on your peace li

Flower Arrangements That Go Well With Stargazer Lilies

Stargazer lilies inspire oohs and aahs whenever they are brought into a room, looking every inch the great beauties

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