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How to Make Simple Lavender Syrup

2016/8/8 9:09:44


Lavender is widely known for its scent and use in bath and skincare products. A lesser-known use for lavender is as a culinary ingredient. This fragrant herb has a sweet flavor often with notes of lemon and citrus. Adding too much lavender to a recipe can make a dish bitter, but adding just the right amount will add an unexpected sweetness to your recipes. Simple lavender syrups can be prepared, primarily for adding an aromatic flavor to cocktails, lemonades or other drink concoctions.

Step 1

Place a medium saucepan on a stove top and turn burner to low-medium heat.

Step 2

Measure 1 cup of sugar and pour the sugar into the saucepan.

Step 3

Measure 1 cup of water and pour the water into the saucepan.

Step 4

Heat the sugar and water in the saucepan until the sugar is dissolved.

Step 5

Add 4 to 6 lavender stems with flowers.

Step 6

Cook mixture for 10 minutes on low. The cooking time will be the same for fresh or dried lavender.

Step 7

Remove saucepan from heat.

Step 8

Drain syrup through a sieve into a jar with a tight sealing lid.

Step 9

Allow the mixture to cool in the jar. Place the jar in the refrigerator once it has cooled. This syrup will last for 2 weeks in the refrigerator.

Step 10

Add this mixture to your choice of drink, following the recipe or adding in place of other simple syrups.

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