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How to Collect Juniper Berries

Overview Juniper berries have had medical and culinary applications for hundreds of years. Greeks, Roman and Arab doctors used it as a remedy for various problems. In fact, juniper berries are even me

How to Landscape With Juniper Trees

Overview Junipers are extremely popular in landscape design due to their different shapes and sizes. It seems that there is a juniper for every need--ground cover, wind breaks and specimen plantings.

Juniper Trees in Kansas

Plant juniper trees to add lush green color and ornamental interest to your landscape. Kansas lies within United Sta

Diseases of Spartan Juniper Trees

The Spartan juniper tree is a variation of the Juniperus chinensis species. This tree is a fast-growing evergreen th

How to Care for Juniper Evergreen Trees

Overview Junipers are a hardy evergreen commonly used in landscapes. The plant has over 50 cultivars from ground cover to tall trees. Juniper is also used frequently as a Bonsai tree. Many people use

Juniper Trees in Vermont

The rolling hillsides and cold winters in Vermont make it an excellent place to grow evergreens like junipers. Some

Common Juniper Trees

Generally, junipers will grow in any type of soil, as long as it isnt overly soggy. They keep their foliage througho

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