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The Best Way to Remove Jasmine Ground Cover

Overview Asiatic jasmine ground cover (Trachelospermum asiaticum) grows in a thick shallow-rooted mat. It is a good ground cover for dense shade and lives in moist soil as well as sunny, dry slopes. I

How to Plant a Star Jasmine

Overview The star jasmine plant is an evergreen shrub that has vine branch growth. The plant is native to the tropical areas of China and India and hardy in USDA growing zones 9 through 11. Plant star

How to Get Jasmine Polyanthum to Flower

Overview Jasmine Polyanthum, also called winter jasmine or pink jasmine, produces fragrant blooms in the winter months. Gardeners grow Jasmine Polyanthum outoors in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 9 and 10

How to Plant Jasmine Berries

Overview Jasmine plants are deciduous or evergreen shrubs or vines that typically are grown as border plants, thick hedges or in hanging baskets. There are approximately 30 varieties of flowering jasm

Jasmine Plant Diseases

Jasmine is a flowering plant. Its blossoms are beautiful and they emit a delicate fragrance that is often extracted

How to Take Care of a Jasmine Tree

Overview There are 200 different species of jasmine (or Jasminum), including trees, bushes and vines. Its best grown outdoors in warmer climates of zones 6 through 11, depending on the variety. This f

How to Care for False Jasmine Shrubs

Overview False jasmine, more commonly known as Carolina jessamine or by its scientific name, Gelsemium sempervirens, grows natively in the southern United States and was named South Carolinas state fl

How to Divide Asiatic Jasmine

Overview Asiatic jasmine (Trachelospermum asiaticum), is a perennial groundcover that will spread its wiry stems and dark, shiny leaves over the ground, forming a dense mat of green within two years.

Varieties of Jasmine Plants

Grown in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes, each with its own distinct growing requirements, jasmine plants

How to Care for Jasmine Flowers

Overview Jasmine is a popular tropical plant because of the sweet, distinctive fragrance of the buds and flowers. A true jasmine is a bushy shrub or climbing vine with white or, less frequently, yello

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