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How to Prune Water Iris

Overview Water iris is a group of flowering iris that can grow well and thrive in either moist to boggy soil or in shallow water up to 3 inches over the crown of the plant. There are several iris cult

What Are the Parts of an Iris Flower?

The iris blossom is unique in its shape, revered as a symbol of royalty in France, the fleur-de-lis. Parts of the fl

How to Grow Bearded Iris

Orange bearded iris with white beard in full bloom.

Best Time to Plant an Iris

Dutch Iris in bloom.

How to Plant Iris Flowers

Iris are sun-loving flowers.

Types of Iris Flowers

Iris flowers are a common sight in gardens across the United States. The genus Iris contains more than 200 species o

Facts About Purple Iris

Overview Purple irises (Iris), like other colors of iris, are herbaceous perennials widely distributed across North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and th

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