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How to Collect Seeds From a New Guinea Impatiens

Overview New Guinea Impatiens have only been available since their discovery in the mountains of New Guinea in the late 1970s. Many varieties of New Guinea Impatiens do not produce seeds and can only

Impatiens Flower Combination Ideas

If you have a spot of shade in your garden, the impatiens would like to move in. This is a plant that thrives in the

How to Grow & Winterize Impatiens

Overview Prized for shade tolerance and a wide array of brightly colored blossom shades and attractive foliage, impatiens are typically annuals that will die off at first frost to complete their life

How to Clone Impatiens

Overview There are over 500 species of impatiens that are part of the Balsaminaceae family. They are found nearly world-wide from Asia and Africa to North America. Impatiens produce an abundance of fl

How to Get Seeds From Impatiens Flowers

Overview Bright, cheery blooms make impatiens one of the all-time favorites among annual flowers. Impatiens are valued not only for their wide range of colors, but also because they are one of the few

Growing Impatiens in Hanging Baskets

Impatiens are perfect for a hanging basket.

Impatiens Fast Facts

Impatiens Fast Facts

About Impatiens

Overview I

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