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Cyclamen Plant Care – Tips For Taking Care Of A Cyclamen

Taking care of a cyclamen properly is essential if you wish to keep your cyclamen plant lasting year after year. Their vibrant flowers and interesting leaves make this plant

Growing Hardy Cyclamen Outdoors: Hardy Cyclamen Care In The Garden

By Mary Dyer, Master Naturalist and Master Gardener Cyclamen need not only be enjoyed in the home. Hardy cyclamen lights up the garden with showy mounds of silvery-white folia

My Cyclamen Won’t Flower – Reasons For Cyclamen Plants Not Blooming

Do you throw away your cyclamen plants at the end of their bloom cycle? Dropped flowers and yellowing foliage make them look as though they are dying, but they are really jus

Non-Blooming Cyclamen: Reasons Why Cyclamen Buds Don’t Open

Informed shoppers buy cyclamen plants when they are loaded with swollen buds so that they can enjoy the open flowers in their home over a long period of time. Buds that fail

Troubleshooting Diseases In Cyclamen – Treating Common Cyclamen Diseases

Several diseases and conditions can turn your perky little cyclamen into messy yellow leaves and dying blossoms. Can diseased plants be saved? This article focuses on tips to

Cyclamen Dormant Period – Is My Cyclamen Dormant Or Dead

Cyclamen make lovely houseplants during their bloom season. Once the blossoms fade the plant enters a period of dormancy, and they can look as though they are dead. Let’s fin

Why Is Cyclamen Drooping: How To Revive A Drooping Cyclamen

Cyclamen are common flowering gift plants but there are also North American native species found in the wild. The plants make excellent container or garden bed specimens and

Growing Cyclamen From Seed: Learn About Cyclamen Seed Propagation

Cyclamen is a beautiful plant, but not necessarily a cheap one. Planting one or two in the garden or home is one thing, but if you want to grow a whole swath of them, you’ll

Learn About Cyclamen Seed Propagation And Division

Cyclamen (Cyclamen spp.) grows from a tuber and offers bright flowers with inverted petals that make you think of hovering butterflies. These lovely plants can be propagated

Feeding Cyclamen Plants: When To Fertilize A Cyclamen Plant

Perhaps you received a beautiful cyclamen as a Christmas present. Cyclamen are traditionally a Christmas time plant because their delicate orchid-like blooms are at their ful

Cyclamen Plant Division: How To Divide Cyclamen Bulbs

Cyclamen plants are often given as Christmas presents because of their winter blooms. Once these blooms fade, unfortunately, many of these plants become trash because people

Repotting Cyclamen Plants: Tips On Repotting A Cyclamen Plant

Cyclamens are beautiful flowering perennials that produce interesting blooms in shades of pink, purple, red, and white. Because they are not frost hardy, many gardeners grow

Yellowing Cyclamen Leaves: Solutions For Leaves Turning Yellow On Cyclamen

Are your cyclamen plant leaves turning yellow and dropping off? Are you wondering if there is any way to save your plant? Find out what to do about yellowing cyclamen leaves

Container Grown Cyclamen: Outdoor Care Of Cyclamen In Pots

Cyclamen are low, flowering plants that produce bright, beautiful blooms in shades of red, pink, purple, and white. While they do well in garden beds, plenty of gardeners cho

Different Cyclamen Plant Varieties – Learn About Types Of Cyclamen Plants

Many of us are familiar with cyclamen as a charming florist’s plant that brightens up the indoor environment during the gloomy winter months. What we may not realize, however

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