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Cedar Trees in Canada

Canadas cedar trees, also known as evergreen conifers of the cypress family, feature small, scale-like leaves rather

How to Trim an Eastern Red Cedar Tree

Overview The Eastern Red Cedar is not, technically, a cedar tree at all. It is a Juniper. As such, it is important that you do not trim too much at a time. Trimming back to brown wood or brown leaves

Cedar Tree Varieties

Cedar trees are often confused with other trees, especially junipers, but true cedars (Cedrus) are native to the mou

How to Care for a Cedar Tree

Overview Cedar trees come in a number of varieties and need very little maintenance. Cedars are evergreen trees with a distinctive scent. Cedar wood has been used for many years to make trunks and clo

How to Cut the Limbs From a Cedar Tree

Overview Cedar trees have a slow growth rate. However, over time it might be necessary to cut the limbs from a cedar tree. According to the University of Saskatchewan, it is imperative to never cut ce

How to Plant a Cedar Tree

Overview One reason cedar trees are popular everywhere in the continental United States is because there are varieties that will grow and thrive in whatever USDA zone you live in. A magnificent slow-g

How to Care for and Plant a Cedar Tree

Overview Cedar trees have been important to humans for a long time. The wood of the tree was used by Native Americans for canoes, weapons and bowls. Cedar wood was also an important fuel source. Today

Cedar Tree Diseases

Cedar trees are popular evergreen trees that have a pleasant shape and are often used as screening trees. They can g

How to Remove a Dying Cedar Tree

Overview A dying cedar tree can be a real eyesore on the landscape. As the tree declines, it begins to turn brown and shed both needles and bark. Dead branches may fall, creating a hazard to anyone

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